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Sustainable Townsville Ltd

Sustainable Townsville's main purpose and activities are to communicate, promote and educate the community on the benefits of carbon abatement and offset initiatives.

In particular, Sustainable Townsville will hold regular community information sessions. These sessions will be run in a manner similar to the Federal Government's Community Cabinet meetings and provide an opportunity for Sustainable Townsville to provide the community with an overview of its achievements. Most importantly, Sustainable Townsville aims to provide a platform for mums and dads, small business operators, retirees and local leaders to put forward a range of fresh ideas on local, national and global issues relating to the abatement or offsetting of carbon.

Sustainable Townsville will also work closely with schools and universities to educate our future generations on the benefits of carbon abatement and offsetting. It is the aim of Sustainable Townsville is to be seen by Media and State and Federal Government as a well respected environmentally conscious community voice that has implemented real change.

By undertaking these activities, Sustainable Townsville strives to enhance the credibility of sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable Townsville is the Trustee for the "Carbon Townsville Sustainability Benefits Fund".

Sustainable Townsville will fund activities via donations and grants.

Annual Membership Fees:

  • Individual Members - $20
  • Local Government Members - $50
  • Corporate and Industry Members - $100
  • Townsville City Council - $100
  • Prime Carbon Pty Ltd - $100

To learn more about Sustainable Townsville LTD contact:

Sustainable Townsville LTD
No. 4 The Strand
Townsville, QLD 4810
Phone: 07 4772 5431