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Product Suppliers

Suppliers of products within the region to support the programs of the Operating Companies.

As at Sept, 2008 VRM Pty Ltd is the main company within the region that supplies the products to support the Prime Carbon Program. Other product suppliers are currently available.

VRM Pty Ltd

Vital Resource Management Pty Ltd (VRM) was formed in 1996 by seven people who shared a keen interest in the environment and sustainable management of resources, together with a desire to put something back into the community. The initial focus of the Company was the development of Aquaculture Technologies with a view towards waste water reuse and recirculation in aquaculture systems. In 1997, the Company began work on intensive waste water recirculation techniques.

As a result, an intensive biological management process was developed which included mechanisms that could be adapted for use in a range of waste water reticulation systems. A relationship was then forged with EM Research Organisation Inc. (EMRO) a Japanese non-profit organisation which uses natural formulations of Effective Micro-Organisms to overcome many waste problems. With the two compatible technologies working in tandem, results were very encouraging.

Primary aim

The primary aim of the Company is the fostering of cooperative, sustainable environmental management. In keeping with this, the members see water and soil humus as perhaps our most precious resources and their care as one of our most important responsibilities. This has led to a focus on waste water and waste re-use programs and an interest in controlled soil conditioning.

In waste water pre-treatment schemes using VRM's proprietary techniques waste is inoculated with selected cultures which effect a partial pre-treatment before reaching conventional Sewerage Treatment Facilities or passing through septic or similar systems. As a result, odour, corrosive atmospheres and fat build-ups which generally plague waste water systems are significantly reduced or completely overcome. In addition, a significant benefit in sludge management and reduction of organic residuals has been shown.

In agriculture; the development of a range of targeted formulations which promote a balanced microbial reaction in soils have seen several breakthrough products come online. These allow mobilisation of nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium and Carbon and a revolutionary approach to nutrient management. VRM has developed products which allow advanced microbial development alongside traditional fertilisers and which allow a much more efficient use of nutrient. This has led to substantial yield improvement along with reductions in nutrient use.


All of these are seen by the Company as important steps towards the promotion of large scale waste reuse programs. They are based on a process which, while extraordinarily simple in its essence, allows a carefully managed micro-biological balance to be achieved across an entire waste system. The company is currently working in conjunction with several local authorities and large commercial situations in Australia and internationally. VRM currently holds patents for inoculation processes and other products in all patent treaty countries