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The Carbon Townsville Community Cluster

Sustainability has become front and centre on Australia's political and social agendas. At the same time Townsville's growing population and associated industry means our greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase.

With the introduction of a National Carbon Trading system in 2010, business and industry will be called upon to balance their emissions. This represents both challenges and opportunities for regions as they develop capacity and skills to adapt to the world of carbon accounting.

The Townsville Carbon Community Cluster is a network of like minded entities and individuals committed to progressing the vision of a sustainable Townsville. The cluster comprises and invites entities or individuals who believe that by collaborating, Townsville:

  • can make a real difference in the abatement of offsetting of carbon emissions
  • has the potential to act as a hub for carbon trading for all of Australia
  • can reduce the carbon footprint for the North Queensland region to neutral
  • can become known as "Carbon City" due to Townsville being internationally recognised as a leader in the move to a low carbon economy

The group includes representatives from various local governments, Prime Carbon Pty Ltd, Townsville Enterprise Limited, James Cook University, Government Owned Entities, the Community and other interested large and small businesses.

The Carbon Townsville Community Cluster has a vision that by 2013 a Community Bank could be formed to support the financial transactions relating to the carbon program.

Note: The Carbon Townsville Community Cluster has no formal legal structure and is not a company nor an association. It is purely a group of like minded entities and individuals.

The Carbon Townsville Community Cluster is playing a major role in positioning North Queensland as a low carbon economy and supporting the community to take advantage of the opportunities climate change presents at a regional level.

The Carbon Townsville Community Cluster is progressing the vision of a carbon conscious Townsville by fostering and supporting projects that generate carbon credits for wholesale to the National Climate Change register and by supporting local sustainability initiatives.

Cluster members recognise that responding to climate change and global warming is not just an environmental imperative - it is an economic opportunity. Through an innovative community based model, the Carbon Townsville Community Cluster aims to support and promote sustainability innovation and practices.

Working with the ethos of communicating, educating and promoting behavioural change to minimise carbon emissions and support carbon abatement projects, the Carbon Townsville Community Cluster implements a number of on-ground initiatives that achieve real and meaningful outcomes.

To learn more about the Carbon Townsville Community Cluster or to get involved contact:

Carbon Townsville Community Cluster
c/- Townsville City Council (Integrated Sustainability Services)
Phone: +61 7 4727 9520

Downloadable Documents

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